Brighton Meisner

Martin Hobbs - Course Director

Martin studied the Meisner Technique with Scott Williams for two years at the Impulse Theatre Company and RADA's European ACT. He continued his studies with Kate Maravan at the Actors Centre, Mike Bernadine, Aileen Gonsalves at the C Company, and Larry Silverberg.

Martin has been running introductory classes and drop-ins since 2008. He also teaches the technique to theatre companies and colleges.

He continues to act in film and theatre and uses his experiences to keep his teaching fresh.

Steel Ebsen Wallis

Steel has used and continually studied the Meisner Technique for over 10 years and was instrumental in developing it for corporate presentation training with C Company.

As an actor The Meisner Technique grounded him, as a presenter and comedian it made him alive and spontaneous. Steel still acts in film and theatre and has written and produced award winning short films. 

Emma Finlay-Smith

Emma works behind the scenes at Brighton Meisner looking after all the admin and PR for us. If you have any questions or need any advice on our courses, she is our “Go To Girl”.

Emma has a strong background in business and event planning/management in the Arts arena with a real passion for theatre, music, dance and art.